As a leading digital marketing agency, we know a few things about aesthetic web design and medical marketing. But whatever your sector, every website has key webpages, which visitors navigate to above all others. We’ve dubbed these ‘hero’ pages: they are of greater interest than others for different reasons, turning visitors into clients and ultimately, converting them into profits. In other words, they’re like an ambassador for your business.

The unsung heroes?

Surprisingly, hero pages are often woefully underused, with some sites avoiding using some of them altogether. Everyone knows about the power of the homepage, but what about the rest of the site? We’re here to tell you that hero pages have enormous potential – and we’ll share our ideas for how you can leverage them to reap enormous benefits for your business. 

Meet the top 5

Our digital marketing experts have identified 5 of the top web pages for any successful website, as they’re the pages that get the highest traffic:  

1. Price list

2. About/Team

3. FAQs

4. Contact

5. Reviews

Hero pages enable you to communicate your offers, USPs and personality. They can also help you gather data; encourage sign-up, booking or purchase; and sell your business and offering in the best light possible, ultimately helping you convert.

Here are some ideas of how you can use hero pages to get the most out of your website. 

Price list

Whatever we’re buying, at the end of the day, we all eventually want to know the price.

While you might feel wary about including pricing on your website, if your visitor can’t find that information, they’ll assume there’s a reason – for example your treatments are too expensive. They’ll either be put off altogether and go elsewhere or will call your clinic for on-the-spot clarification – potentially resulting in awkwardness, haggling and wasted time. 

Top tip: Include your best offers on this page as a way to attract more business. 


The number one reason visitors click on your About page is simple voyeurism – who are you, what do you look like and can I trust you? People do business with people – so use that curiosity to your advantage. 

The most visited page on most websites, use your About page to present yourself, your team and your business in the best light possible. Remember, personality sells – so there’s no harm in humanising your company. 

Top tip: You don’t have to merge your About and Team pages. Separate pages can help you get more hits on your website. 


There are a few reasons visitors look up your FAQs. They’re either looking for answers to a specific question, feel they need more information around a topic or are simply interested in what other people are asking – possibly over the fear of missing out. In addition, we all ‘want to know’ what we don’t already know – if you know what we mean! 

In our industry, the media can mislead and breed misconceptions about treatments. FAQs can help set the record straight, establishing trust and credibility while demonstrating knowledge and expertise. They can also be a way to address more sensitive information (pain, risks, side effects) in a positive way, with tips on managing and minimising these. Finally, detail about key ingredients, star brands and longevity of results could give you another opportunity to go for a sale. 

Top tip: Create a dedicated FAQ page, choosing selected questions to highlight on your treatment pages. 


Your site visitors want to feel secure and confident about dealing with you – and they’ll also want to know that you’re easily within reach, both in terms of your location (the nearer, the better) and in terms of getting in touch. They also want to feel that you’ll be able to give them the support they need for complete peace of mind. 

Incredibly, some businesses, especially at-home clinics with individual practitioners, can be sensitive about putting personal contact details on their websites. But this can cause would-be clients to feel frustrated at the lack of information and go elsewhere. We’ve found that on average, less than 10% of web traffic will go on to book an appointment – so it’s essential you make it as easy as possible for your visitors. 

Top tip: Include both your landline and mobile as a point of contact. Landlines feel established, while a mobile could allow for out-of-hours contact. 


Everyone says they’re good – but the proof comes in what your clients say about you. Again tapping into that innate human curiosity, 73% of new clients look for reviews, hoping to glean a real, raw, unedited feel for you and your business.

We call reviews ‘the power of the crowd’ as time and time again, they prove that recommendations are a key way to build trust and ultimately, encourage new clients to book. They also give your existing clients the chance to give feedback on you, your services/treatments, your staff, your clinic – and other elements you might not have even considered, from the atmosphere of your clinic to what parking’s available, or factors such as accessibility. 

Top tip: Even if you have a review widget on your site, ensure you have a dedicated reviews page, too – visitors will be actively looking for it.

In summary…

Your hero pages are your website’s best asset and need to be used to their full potential. 
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