Nate Elliott, at Forrester Research, reported that Instagram is getting 29% more user engagement than Facebook and a whopping 60% more user engagement than Twitter. Some social media businesses, who have moved their advertising from Facebook to Instagram, have reported a 75% increase in client activity. If you’re not currently on instagram, you could be missing out on significant sales and the opportunity to speak to your customers in a compelling way.

Used by seniors and teenagers alike, Instagram has captured the imagination of the British public, as well as the rest of the people all over the world, who make up Instagram’s 400 million users. It’s worth noting that 100 million of them are using Instagram every day. So, how can you harness its marketing power?

What does Instagram actually do?

Instagram is a social media photo sharing site. It allows you to upload photos and videos, put a filter on them, should you wish, and share them with the world. You can upload photos you’ve taken, or professional photos you have purchased and have permission to post. It is recognised that organic photos; the photos you’ve taken, are more likely to get engagement.

You’ll need to follow your friends and clients to make them aware of the fact you have an Instagram account and then post interesting photos to get and maintain their attention. You can also like the photos that your clients post.

The photos remain in place, so your followers will be able to view everything you’ve ever posted if they view your profile. Filling in your profile details is obviously of the utmost importance as there’s space for a link to your website and the chance to provide a few words about what your business does- for those who are unfamiliar with your services.

The Instagram app is user friendly and can provide you with a business account, that will help you monitor your how well your clients are interacting with the photos you post. You’ll be given a break down of how many times your photos were liked and shared. Your clients can comment on your photos and message you directly through the direct messenger service.

It’s also possible to advertise on Instagram. Paid ads blend seamlessly into the photo stream, reach a greater audience than just those who are following you and encourage engagement.

How to tell your brand story on Instagram

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you are in the cosmetic or dental industries. Both of these sectors rely heavily on your customers understanding that you are an authority in your field and a trusted professional, who is trained and experienced in providing the treatments you deliver. Your Instagram photos will need to reflect this.

These are also industries that benefit from showing off their before and after photos. Instagram is a great medium to demonstrate exactly how good your clients will look following a rejuvenating skin treatment, having their teeth straightened, or the benefits of dental implants.

Extra tips for using Instagram

Underneath each photo that you post, you’ll have the opportunity to add some text. Utilise popular #s and keywords that you know your potential clients will be searching for; eg #Botox #Dermalfillers #Invisalign. To find new clients in your local area, it’s also a good idea to exploit geotags eg #Maidstone and appeal to your clients’ sense of community. Got a new exhibition opening in your town? Why not post a picture of it, to let your clients know you truly do know your way around the area.

If this all sounds like hard work, you could always outsource your social media marketing to the professionals. Cosmetic Digital knows exactly how to engage your clients. We have been marketing cosmetic, facial aesthetics and dental companies for many years and can help you grow your business. To find out what you should be posting on Instagram, or to get help with your blogs, please give us a call on 0115 9140 640.