A new identity for an exciting movement in dentistry

We have worked with Mark Oborn, (now Director of Communications at Future Health Partnership), for some time on several projects with shared clients. When we heard about the plan for Future Health Partnership we thought it a very exciting venture and we were delighted to be asked to design the brand identity for this new project.

Future Health Partnership offers a new model for the management of dental practices that aims to improve patient care, enhance the working environment for clinicians and support staff, and offer a sustainable future for the dental profession. With Future Health Partnership, practice owners share their partnership with every single member of staff and each partner has an equal vote. This offers a truly unique way of offering quality dental services, with the focus very firmly on providing a stable, secure and rewarding role for each partner – all for the benefit of patients.

We have created a brand identity that is focused around partnerships between people, industry and patients. Future Health Partnership wanted to appear friendly and approachable, personal and not corporate, and the colours chosen share these qualities. The green and blue are vibrant, warm and fresh colours representing this new and exciting movement in dentistry.

The logo has two parts to it, the company name – Future Health Partnership and a device that is representational of hands coming together. The symbol of hands coming together represents business and partnership, but also demonstrates help and support. These are all qualities that Future Health Partnership offers it’s clients, and also the support that partners in each Future Health Partnership practice receive from each other and give to their patients.

The name Future Health Partnership is visually separated into 2 parts by the use of the brand colours. ‘Future’ and ‘Health Partnership’ are separated in this way to symbolise what the company aims to achieve with their clients. They can help practice owners shape the future of their practice with the aid of partnerships with other healthcare professionals.

When you go to have a new logo designed it is important that the designer fully understands what you represent as a business, who the customers are and exactly what message is that you wish to convey.

What was so impressive about H&P Design was that they took the time to really understand the social and ethical nature of Future Health Partnership. We are an organisation that facilitates the ownership of healthcare practices by the teams that work in them in order to do the right thing for the patients. What H&P Design did was to find a way to represent this highly ethical and sustainable model in a logo and colours which totally match the values of our organisation.

We can’t thank H&P Design enough for the time and effort they put into our project, they made the whole process simple and easy and presented us with a range of designs for us to choose from. They were then responsive and listened to our feedback, which made us feel in safe hands knowing that H&P Design would do us proud… And they did.

We can’t recommend H&P Design highly enough so if you want an identity which looks great, works in different formats and completely represents your brand then you need to work with the guys at H&P Design.

Mark Oborn
Future Health Partnership

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