Contemporary identity design that combines experience with modern practice

Footworks Podiatry and Foot Health are a vibrant podiatry practice based in Totnes, Devon. They came to H&P after a recommendation from another of our clients looking for help with branding and identity design for their new practice.

The practice have a modern and up to date approach to podiatry and have clients requiring treatments from general foot care and referrals from GPs to sport associated care and their clients range from young to old and all abilities.

Footworks wanted to create a brand identity that reflected their attitude to podiatry and care methods, something that was contemporary and simple yet still looked medical and friendly.

We created a design that combines modern with traditional to give a stylish look without taking away the integrity of the practice.

The device used in the logo is an abstract shape representing a heel and hand. The shape reflects several meanings within the podiatry field – a hand holding a heel, the process of podiatry and foot care treatment. The use of opacity and overlapping shapes to make up the device adds details and depth to the simple logo design.

Using a serif, traditional style font for the company name anchors the abstract device and adds an element of trust and formality to the logo design.

We chose an aqua shade for a crisp and clean accent against the grey and this works well with the transparency levels of the device. It is also a calming colour often associated with healthcare and therefore confidence and experience.

Another successful addition to our branding and logo design portfolio.

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