A modern approach to cosmetic dentistry

DentiMed got in touch with H&P after seeing our lecture and stand at an exhibition. They offer a safe, quick and professional tooth whitening service and required help with their branding.

The treatment they offer is performed by skilled, experienced professionals and can be performed in the patient’s own home so it was important to the client that the brand and identity came across as professional, friendly and trustworthy. They wanted the logo to be informal and not too clinical.

We designed a logo that successfully achieves all the points that the client wanted to portray. The brand identity looks friendly and approachable, clear and easy to read and doesn’t feel too exclusive or expensive. (The client was worried that people may think that this personal service would come at a high expense).

We’ve included a droplet device within the logo, which is subtle enough for you to clearly read the character as an ‘e’ but is also an obvious indication into the type of service the brand offers.

When shown in full colour, the logo has a gradual vertical fade adding an extra level of detail to the design. The fade is also symbolic of the physical effects you will see on your teeth as a result of the tooth whitening service provided by DentiMed.

Another successful addition to our branding and logo design portfolio.

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