Cost effective additions to improve your patients’ brand experience and website SEO

H&P have previously worked with The Dental Health Centre to design a website for their Essex dental practice. The website has been a great success and now the practice wanted to find a way to keep the site up to date with news and information and sought our experience and insight to do so.

The practice wanted a way to show patients examples of treatment case studies and keep them up to date with practice news. They were also looking to improve their website’s position in Google search rankings.

We advised the practice to set up a WordPress blog on their website. Using WordPress means that the practice can edit the blog whenever they like and update it instantly in house at no extra cost. Making WordPress a cost and time effective addition to the website.

WordPress also offers an innovative way for the practice to show before and after treatment images. This is great for patients as they get to see real case studies and gives them reassurance and confidence in their decision to come to the practice for treatment. It’s a MUST for all practice’s serious about attracting new patients and strengthening patient relationships.

Using a blog like WordPress can also boost your website’s SEO. The extra service specific copy in the posts as well as the ability to add searchable tags to blog entries means that search engines like Google will place your website higher in their search result rankings.

Our WordPress addition has been a great success for the practice. Visit the blog on the link below to see the results.

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