Spent loads of money on your website, but you’re finding it’s not converting visitors into customers? Perhaps it’s not even getting visitors? A great landing page is a very powerful tool in gaining you sales and helping you grow your business, when it has all the crucial elements. If it looks amateurish, or overly complicated, it’s going to put people off your website and ultimately, your product too. The facial aesthetics and dental industries gain new customers through their professionalism. If you don’t look like an authority in your field, do you really think new customers are going to let you loose on their faces?

What a good landing page should do

Perhaps you’re not even sure of the point of a landing page? You know that it’s the first thing your visitors hit when they find your website, but you’d always assumed it was simply a door to your website. In lots of instances, it might be the only page first visitors see of your website, so it needs to encourage them to stay a while, look at your services and click around a bit. It needs to be the sort of door that opens easily and compels your visitors to look through it; not one that slams shut in their faces!

What a landing page shouldn’t do

There are so many don’ts when it comes to landing pages! Psychologists believe you have less than 8 seconds to make a good impression. If your website, looks dated, confusing, or has a weird layout and irrelevant image, you’re going to put people off. If it’s unclear how your visitors get onto any of the other pages of your website, they won’t bother. Or, if you give them too much choice, ie too many links to choose from, again they’ll lose interest.

The most important part of your landing page is your call to action button. You could have the most desirable product in the world, showcased on an exceptionally attractive landing page, but if your visitors can’t enquire about or buy that product, no sales will be generated.

There are a few things your landing page should be doing for you:

  1. Generating leads: The people who land on your website are potential customers. They found you, so presumably, they were looking for your product. Wouldn’t you like to get their details, so you know where to contact them? A great landing page will have somewhere for visitors to provide you with their email addresses.
  2. Providing links to your social media pages: You want your customer to share your services, as well as prove that you’re connected; a brand with a personal voice.
  3. Showcase your USP: This is the reason why visitors to your website are going to choose you over your competitors. You can reveal this by listing the benefits of using your unique services.
  4. Pointing to distinct segments of your business is a simple way: Do you offer both dental and cosmetic treatments? Make this clear!
  5. Showing a very targeted audience that you are a local business. Don’t underestimate the importance of convenience.
  6. Using relevant language. The words on your landing page, need to be the words which people are putting into search engines, otherwise your website won’t be found in search lists.
  7. Providing a memorable, relevant image. Visitors will remember an image longer than text.
  8. Converting visitors to customers: For this you’ll need to provide a CTA button or link.

If you need help testing your landing page or creating a new one, using the experience of our experts here at Cosmetic Digital, please get in touch to ask your questions. We can help you ensure you’re maximising the opportunities a great landing page can provide. Call us on 0115 9140 640