What are we doing?

On Saturday 13th May 2017, Cosmetic Digital are going against the ‘toughest’ of elements. We’ll be putting our strength and determination to the test by diving head first into a 5 mile race of adrenalin packed challenges, all in the name of Cancer Research UK.

Our Tough Mudder Half is a 5 mile track with 13 mammoth obstacles. Our tasks range from scaling a mighty 15 foot quarter pipe, to running through a mile of deep and muddy trenches. We’ll be squeezing ourselves through treacherous barbed wire, and scaling walls at a 45 degree angle before shimmying down a pipe and flying into a muddy pool. Curious about what other hurdles we’ll be up against? Take a look at our obstacle list here.

Cancer Research UK

But we aren’t battling against the sludge for the finishing photo. We want to raise money for a charity that help thousands of people across the country, and Cancer Research UK were our first thought.

Founded on 4th February 2002, Cancer Research UK have become an iconic name in modern history for their continuous hard work to find a cure for cancer. Cancer has affected many of us at some time or another, directly, or through someone that we know. 1 in 2 people are at risk of developing cancer, but thanks to the groundbreaking research of our chosen charity; more people are surviving their disease for ten years or more. Cancer Research UK’s funding goes towards over 200 categories of the disease. From the most common such cancer of the breast, bowel and lung; to rare tumours and forms of the illness in children.

We want to support Cancer Research UK and the incredible work that they do, and although we are putting our muddy bodies through their paces on high walls and swimming through lakes of the toughest mud; we are doing it to raise money to fund their life-changing research.

We would love to have your support on our charity endeavour, and if you would like to make any kind of donation, head to our JustGiving page.

Thank you for your support, and keep an eye out for us at the finish line! We’ll be the ones drenched in mud, probably missing a shoe or two…