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Coronavirus Remote Working

Due to coronavirus, we’ve made the decision to run the business remotely while we monitor the situation. We’ve put together a quick FAQ guide to help reassure you during this time. 

How will I contact you?

Our team members will all be contactable via their work emails, during normal office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm). There will also be a team member on site to answer any calls: 0115 914 0640

Can I still arrange a meeting in person?

The government is currently recommending a period of ‘social distancing’, i.e. reducing social interactions to help minimise the risk of transmitting the virus, and has also advised against some travel. However, we may be able to video or conference call if necessary. 

What if I have a problem with my site?

If an issue arises, you can follow our normal process and contact our developers through info@cosmeticdigital.co.uk. They will advise you on timescales at the point of contact.  

What if I need to make an emergency update?

Again, please contact our developers on info@cosmeticdigital.co.uk.

Will you still be doing my blogs, social posts and SEO?

Yes. Our team is working remotely, but we are still running ‘business as usual’:

– For blogs and web copy, contact Liz: liz@cosmeticdigital.co.uk 
– For design, contact Christina: christina@cosmeticdigital.co.uk

– For social, contact Sam: samantha@cosmeticdigital.co.uk

– For SEO, contact Alice: alice@cosmeticdigital.co.uk 
– For IT, contact Leigh: leigh@cosmeticdigital.co.uk

If you’ve been liaising with a specific team member about a current project, please continue to liaise with them directly. 

Are you still taking on new clients?

Of course. For any business enquiries, please contact us on adam@cosmeticdigital.co.uk.

How long will you operate remotely?

Our top priority is to work responsibly and safely, for the sake of our clients and our team. Though we’re unsure of how long our remote working will last, we are actively following government updates and will contact our clients if anything changes. 

For more help and advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. 

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