Professional personal websites for both colleagues and clients

H&P have worked with Colin Campbell on several projects, one of which is his personal professional website. We had previously designed a professional website for Colin but have recently been undergoing a lot of refreshing changes on his brand and working practice and so we have created a new design for the website to suit.

The website showcases Colin’s professional profile and portfolio, it also offers professional training information, patient stories and demonstrates his experience in the field. The website is aimed at both fellow dental professionals and possible self-referral patients and so creating a design that suited both audience groups in content, look and usability was vital.

The website content for dental professionals includes information on how to refer patients to Colin for specialist dental treatment, more information on Colin’s professional experience and biography and also gives a list of study courses and clubs hosted by Colin for fellow specialist professionals to attend.

For self-referral visitors, there is the ability to book an appointment with Colin at one of Colin’s clinics and there is also a small amount of information about dental implants and the different treatments they can be used for.

The website also has a patient case study page. This is great for both professional and self-referral visitors as it shows Colin’s success stories and happy patients. This is encouraging for future patients making appointments with Colin and also dental professionals will trust their patients will be safe in Colin’s care.

Colin is very active on social media and so the website also has a WordPress blog which Colin can access and add to at any time. The blog also has a live Twitter feed and links to other social pages associated with Colin so visitors won’t miss a thing!

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