A new website for a multi service practice

Clayton Cosmetic and Dental Centre came to H&P with the brief of redesigning their current website. The old website was cluttered in links and layout and proved quite difficult for users to navigate. The site was full of images repeated by many other practices and they wanted to make the site clean, clear and striking in design and content. It also needed to be updated to comply with industry regulations.

The practice prides itself on using the very best products to get the right results for their patients and also keeping abreast of the latest in cosmetic technology for skin and hair care. The client didn’t want to alienate patients by pushing all the treatments they offer, for dental, skin and hair, and so wanted to channel patients through the site according to their interest.

With this in mind, we created a home page that clearly splits the site and treatments into 2 paths, dental and beauty (skin and hair). By clicking on a chosen path, the user is taken to the treatments they have interest in, but are not completely cut off from the alternate treatments the practice offers as they find many patients take an interest in all treatments and many do return for other services.

The language used throughout the copy and the main navigation is friendly and more about how you as a patient will feel if you have treatment with the practice. “Healthy teeth” and “Beautiful smiles” are headings for general dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry, but sound more approachable for patients.

The client did not have many photographs of the practice and so we used mainly royalty free stock images throughout the site. The images we have used are carefully selected from resources that are not highly repetitive within the industry giving the practice a unique look and feel.

There are strong calls to actions on every page of the site to book an appointment or request a callback. This means that whatever page the patient is on, they have a way to instantly get in touch with the practice.

The client provided their own copy for the website, but we worked closely with them when building the site to ensure that all means of SEO methods were taken into account when inserting the copy. The site has been live for less than 1 month and is already appearing on page 1 of Google search results for ‘Cosmetic Dentist Stoke’.

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