Engaging, unexpected design that breaks financial stereotypes

When Claremont Limited, a finance company based in Church Stretton, Shropshire, asked H&P Design to refresh their brand and create some marketing campaignconcepts for exhibition design and print work, we jumped at the chance!

Claremont offer payment plans to dental practices and wanted to distance themselves from the typical unimaginative and repetitive profiles attached to finance companies.

The idea for the campaign developed from childhood memories of the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ If you wanted to be a dentist, you would want to have a dream practice doing what you enjoy with lots of happy patients, not worrying about patient numbers, a steady income and getting distracted from expanding your practice.

We developed this idea and marketed Claremont as being the tool to give dentists back their freedom. Giving dentists the time to develop their practices with the knowledge of future financial security. Allowing them to enjoy the reason they became a dentist and focus on patient care.

We wanted the print designs to be unique and creative and really make Claremont stand out from the crowd. The design of the exhibition banners focuses on large images of aspirational children reflecting the brand and campaign message. The images are engaging, fun and unexpected especially as they are being used to promote a business in the finance industry, achieving Claremont’s brief and breaking the financial stereotype.

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