TSK Laboratory are an innovative manufacturer and supplier of needles and medical devices for the health and aesthetics sectors.

The brief was to create a site that looked as innovative and modern as their business – so we worked from the ground up to create a bright, clean design that incorporates all the latest design elements, while presenting information about the brand and product range in a more accessible, user-friendly way.

Here are our top 5 features from the build.

Fast & easy translation

At the click of a button, the site can be translated from English to Dutch, and back again. Functionality has been built to incorporate further languages for the future, increasing reach for the site and accommodating its global audience.

Enhanced mobile experience

While all modern sites are optimised across a range of devices, mobile still remains one of the most popular points of access. In our design, we incorporated two separate menus that give the user access to the same range of pages, but presented in a tidier, more accessible way.  Alongside the main burger menu, we included a sub-navigation with further links.

Product comparison

Our product comparison feature allows potential customers to weigh up their choice – essential when products are complex and packed with features. Our design presented all the benefits of TSK’s ranges in an at-a-glance format to give customers the information they need in an easy-to-digest form.

Modular page building

At Cosmetic Digital, we understand how empowering it is for businesses to be able to manage aspects of their site for themselves. So for TSK, we built in modular functionality that allows them to drag-and-drop elements onto new pages, without the need for additional programming.

Search functionality

Part of TSK’s business involves offering lectures, workshops, demonstrations and training to medical professionals. We added a search functionality to allow visitors to browse course specifics, plus built a booking element for them to secure their place.

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