The Strategy 

Founded by Julian Rowe-Jones, a world-renowned specialist in functional and cosmetic nasal surgery, The Nose Clinic’s new website needed to communicate expertise, excellence and experience.

Having worked successfully with The Nose Clinic over several years, Julian wanted to rebrand moving away from The Nose Clinic and refocusing on his expertise and experience as the central brand message. 

Julian worked closely with his design company to create the look and feel he wanted. We then built Julian’s website from scratch to create a contemporary look across each device. A key component of Julian’s vision is in teaching – whether by informing patients current or potential or by sharing knowledge with other surgeons. Julian wanted to keep the website as informative as possible so it would appeal to those who are wanting to understand more about the treatment included and about Julian himself.  

Particular attention was paid to choosing the right imagery for the website so much as the website is conveyed through the use of images. The mixture also uses both vogue-style and ones depicting sculpture. The design is both contemporary and informative. 

The website incorporates infographics, informative videos and an overview to both technology and treatment methods, particularly through his dedicated Grand Master page. A personal touch is added to the website through his own page which outlines his history of working as a rhinoplasty surgeon and what he has achieved over his career. 

As the website was built in WordPress, the website’s layout and pages are flexible, allowing Julian to easily edit and adapt his content, whilst keeping within the design.