An innovative company at the forefront of the IV infusion revolution, NADclinic offer a range of treatments designed to empower and enable people to ‘be the best version of themselves’ through the use of the NAD molecule, with links to conditions as varied as chronic fatigue, andropause & menopause, stress & anxiety, detox and anti-ageing.

We were asked to create a variety of content for NADclinic, as well as strategies through Google and social ads. Our work involved creating new landing pages linked through to ad campaigns, setting up a dedicated blog and overhauling the site content, and even writing a dedicated Wikipedia page (coming soon).

Here are our highlights.

Google & Social Ads

Through paid-for ads, we helped take this groundbreaking treatment to a whole new level. We successfully targeted marketing campaigns around symptoms such as chronic fatigue and low immunity to those searching for something new and effective, while educating a whole new audience on the powerful secret behind them – NAD itself.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Our marketing experts recognise that an ad is only ever as good as the content it directs to – so creating a series of dedicated landing pages around the symptoms NAD aimed to treat was absolutely crucial. As we monitored the campaigns, we flexed the content here, too – ensuring that keywords were featured on these pages as well as in Google Ads.

Printed Brochure

With a focus on education throughout our work for NADclinic, we were asked to create a bespoke print brochure to give to company HR departments, in order to distribute amongst their staff. This helped NADclinic directly target one of their key demographics, business executives. As a takeaway material, the concept aimed to spark conversations about NAD+ itself, advertise relevant treatments and inform potential clients about the science behind their services.

Presentation Materials

Also in the pipeline for NADclinic is an interactive presentation, again for company HR departments (coming soon). The intention is to use this alongside the print brochure, highlighting some of the key points about NAD+ treatment and encouraging conversations and interactions around the brand.