Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training (DHTA) offers in-depth medical courses to medical professionals, designed to boost knowledge and skills within specific anatomical areas.

As the business has evolved, so too should the site – DHTA asked Cosmetic Digital to create a modern presence that incorporated interactive elements and video, as well as functionality to both book and pay for courses online.

The site had a full overhaul, with new imagery produced, exciting designs incorporated and a fresh look at the copy. Here are our top 5 features.

Fully optimised

The new, responsive design ensures whatever your platform, the site is scaled to fit your screen. A copy was also written with this in mind, with a light touch to hold attention. After all, nobody wants to scroll through reams of text on their smartphone.

Engaging content

A move away from the more static and rigid image-based appearance of the old site was a must. Now, the site features bespoke video content on the homepage, which not only commands interest but holds it, giving an insight into the team behind the brand and showing the founder, Dalvi Humzah, working behind the scenes.

In addition, our new design moves on from flat, 2D text, instead bringing animation to the table with paragraphs that slide in and out and links that pop up and change colour – with functionally programmed right down to the reviews.

A way to book

A key aspect of the new site was to incorporate functionality for booking and paying for the courses. This feature transformed the site from a purely information-based ‘shop front’ to a shoppable ‘estore’, with the ability to ‘add to basket’ and ‘checkout’. This means that in the future, courses could be listed with price, location and availability, adding a sense of urgency to the transaction where spaces are limited.

Parallax scrolling

A feature we’re seeing more and more on websites, this makes the background and foreground move at different speeds to create a 3D effect when scrolling or can be used to place a moving layout on a static background. The result adds depth and interest to the page while helping emphasise particular areas of content

Live social feeds

It’s 2020: if we don’t have Twitter and IG tabbed on our work laptop, we’ve got it up on our phone in the background. DHTA were keen to feature their social feeds on their homepage, helping generate a sense of community and making news and updates feel to the minute.

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