Help raise £1000 just by clicking ‘Like’

This year, Campbell and Peace are aiming to raise as much money as possible for the Karen Green Foundation. To kick start the campaign they are aiming to bring in the first £1000 through their new Facebook page; for every page “Like” they get they will donate £1 until they reach their target.

To help promote this, we created a targeted landing page on their Facebook business account with links back to the Campbell & Peace website as well as links to the Karen Green Foundation website and how to donate.

We created a Facebook business page for Campbell & Peace and designed the page to suit the current brand identity of the practice. We have created a profile picture that includes their contact details and also set the profile to open on a welcome landing page, one one many that they can change to suit their promotions. These pages are designed to reflect their brand and provide links to key services/campaigns that the practice want to promote on their website. Each welcome page also has a call to action at the top of the screen to ‘Like’ the profile.

Social media gives companies a platform to quickly and easily share information with large volumes of people and professional contacts. Personalising your social network page gives visitors the impression of professionalism and trust in your brand.

Please “Like” the Campbell & Peace page and help The Karen Green Foundation:

• Raise money for Leukaemia Charities and Hospitals treating patients who are suffering with Leukaemia and other cancers of the blood
• Relieve those persons with Leukaemia, their families and carers
• Provide grant funding on an annual basis to one or more para-athletes to help them achieve their sporting goals

Visit The Karen Green Foundation website to read all about the great work the Foundation are doing, how you can help raise money or to make a donation.

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