We would always recommend a blog on your website. There’s a reason that there are so many people taking advantage of professional blogging under the topics of lifestyle, fashion, and even parenthood – it works. It brings traffic, it brings enquiries, it brings conversions. It’s one of the most inexpensive marketing tools to use on your website, and it can prove priceless.

Of course, it’s essential that you use SEO keywords throughout your blog posts (including the post’s title) to ensure it ranks highly on Google for those searching for your treatments in your locale. While we do employ software to help gauge the most effective keywords for your clinic, we typically recommend using common terms around the treatment (for example, for ‘dermal fillers’, you could also use ‘cheek fillers’), as well as mentioning your clinic’s location or targeted area in your post.

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I am in the Dental Industry

Your overall digital marketing strategy can benefit from the presence of a blog tenfold. By featuring it on your social media to drive website traffic and appeasing Google’s algorithm, you can really take advantage of this limitless platform and build your brand awareness.

Build credibility with problem-resolution

The internet has revolutionised the way we gather information, this much is obvious. At the click of a button and a tap of the keyboard keys, we can have any question answered in a matter of seconds and right in front of our eyes. It’s important that your business uses this to capitalise on people searching for answers and advice. By blogging and writing articles that tackle certain related topics to your business or industry, you can advise the people searching for answers that you know best. This is crucial in your traffic’s consideration stages because the chances remain that if they’re searching about dental implants or dermal fillers, they already have a budding interest in that topic. They’ve already seen a personal problem and are looking for resolution, and your blog can provide them with this.

Blogging for conversions

Blog posts on your website are a fantastic way to boost your credibility in your industry, especially to your potential clients’ eyes. For example, if someone searches for questions like what do dermal fillers feel like? its more than likely that they’re already considering the treatment, they just need a little reassurance. This is a great chance to interact with traffic that may be considering your treatments for the first time ever and establish yourselves as a point of authority. Guide your traffic through the problem-resolution funnel, answer their questions, and round off your post with a call to action to turn your credibility into conversions.

Give Google what it wants

Google is one of the biggest search engines out there, and its algorithm is constantly shifting and changing. This means that pleasing Google isn’t just a one-stop-shop of one-size-fits-all search engine optimisation, but it does look for certain elements when crawling your site. Google loves a website that is fresh and dynamic, with numerous pages of a decent length (around 650 words). By utilising a blog on your website and regularly updating it, Google favours your website above others that don’t implicate these kinds of optimisation techniques. It will push your business up the search rankings so that they may favour closer to the top, drastically increasing the likelihood of fresh web traffic.

Convert them with kindness

Your blog may be used for your aesthetic and healthcare business, but it doesn’t have to be clinical. Including a personality, adopting a certain tone of voice, and generally keeping your content relevant and approachable ensures happier and more engaged readers. This the kind of traffic you want – those that are likely to retain information or be influenced by your posting. This is in fact a good trust indicator, as you’re humanising your business by letting a little bit of human character slip between the screen pixels. Investing in your traffic’s opinion of you leads them to invest theirs’ in you too, increasing the chance of conversion. Plus, we need to consider the long run. If your first few blog posts aren’t fun to read and are too cold or inaccessible, then there is no incentive for clients new or old to keep reading your next posts.

Hot off the press

Got a new treatment, product, event, or machine that you want to draw attention to in exactly the right way? Blog about it! Lengthy social media posts don’t gain much attention at all, as most people scroll for bitesize chunks of compelling information that prompts them to investigate. Blogging is the ideal way to introduce a new investment of your business, capturing the attention of your traffic with a snappy headline so you can boast of all the wonderful perks it has in the body. This works best when you promote this new accolade on social media, following up with a blog article also posted on your platforms so that your traffic may continue to read up on it and enquire.

Blogging for your business is important because it helps attract new clients and retain existing ones. Invest value in your blogs, and your traffic will appreciate and interact with it far better.

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