Many people mistakenly think that aesthetics is a woman’s market. We’re seeing increasingly that that’s far from the case, and that some clinics are actually blindsiding potential male clients.  

Do men have aesthetics treatments?

It’s not just aesthetics treatments that are seeing increasing uptake as the years go by – more and more men are getting procedures and tweakments done, too. And the results speak for themselves, with many men enjoying a fresher, healthier, younger-looking appearance.

Why are more men getting treatments?

There are a number of reasons. First and foremost, there’s been a huge cultural shift in attitude towards self-care and grooming within the male market, driven by a rise in male beauty influencers such as James Charles, Jefree Star and Patrick Starrr, with all these names partnering with reputable brands, such as MAC and Cover Girl. Incredibly, the global male grooming market alone is predicted to be worth over $80bn in just a few short years. 

Secondly, aesthetics in general has become more accessible and more affordable – and there’s less of a stigma attached to treatments, with both celebrities and everyday clients proud to show off their fantastic results.

Thirdly, gender conventions are certainly changing with the times, and men are just as concerned with looking and feeling good. 

What should I market to my male clients?

There are very few aesthetic treatments that can’t be carried out on men, however there are also several procedures that work especially well on male skin:

* Acne treatments – this skin condition is usually more common in males, as men can have oilier skin than women thanks to an increase in testosterone. 

* Hydrating facials – these are the perfect antidote to irritated skin, especially in men who shave daily. 

* Chemical peels – the ultimate resurfacing treatment, which can tackle the sun damage and large pores typically seen in male skin. 

* Skin tightening & contouring – recommended particularly in those who shun the ‘dad bod’ label and want a naturally toned physique. 

* Laser hair removal – some men favour a smoother-skinned appearance, or have unwanted hair in areas such as the chest or back.

* Microneedling – ideal for men experiencing baldness or thinning hair.

* Skincare – with male grooming such a booming business, it makes sense to step up your skincare sales – such as through an online estore. 

Some of the clinics we work with also cite that targeting tired-looking eyes and skin on the neck is key in their male clients, but bear in mind that whatever you market to men, the may not be as familiar with your aesthetics treatments as women are, and may need more information about the treatment process, side-effects and aftercare involved. 

How do I approach male clients?

Much of the same rules apply when marketing to men as marketing to women.

1) Build trust – prove that your treatments work on male skin by sharing before & after shots and encouraging past patients to leave reviews. 

2) Stay relevant – keep up with the changing times and be sure to offer the types of treatments your clients expect to see, along with newer technology or more advanced treatments. Create a presence on social media through organic content and ads, and regularly post to your followers. 

3) Build a relationship – tailor your treatments and packages to your male clients, especially as they may not be as informed as your female ones. 

4) Invest in your website – ensure your site is accurate, up-to-date and user-friendly to make that all-important first impression.

How do I develop a marketing strategy?

The most important thing is to always look forwards, with clear goals in place and a strategy built around what you really want to achieve with your business. It might be a case of building your male following on your social media, or perhaps you want more male bookings – whatever it is, consider how you’ll reach these goals. Here are a few top tips. 

1) Spring clean your website – we’ve touched on this previously, but ensure it’s relevant and up-to-date to attract and keep new clients. 

2) Advertise in print media – it’s not just your website that will help spread the word, it’s leaflets, billboards and business cards. Many digital marketing strategies also employ a level of real-world advertising to bolster efforts. 

3) Use paid and organic content – whether it’s for ranking highly on Google or targeting effectively on social media, the most successful business blend organic and paid content to target those actively seeking their treatments, as well as potential client profiles who may be interested.

Call in the experts

As digital marketing whizzes, our methods are tried and tested – and we even use them ourselves. With 15 years’ experience in aesthetics and dentistry and a team which spans SEO, content and development, we can help take your business further and reach even more clients – including the men.  

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