This project was completed very recently by our web team. We were asked to re-design the new website for Christian Adventure Holidays, with the intention to appeal to its visitors and allow them to find all the information quickly and efficiently. The previous design was outdated, and needed to be optimised so that it could be picked up by search engines while still remaining appealing to its audience.

Christian Adventure Holidays is well known for its rich history and charitable nature, reaching out to the younger generation about the teaching of Christianity.

You can see that we’ve tried to pay close attention to the presentation and the design, making it light and open and the copy compelling. It needed to be functional while still appealing to the younger people who are going to be looking at the website. This was a very content orientated website, so we tried to use a light background with paragraphs broken up so that it became easier to read, supported to be fun and aimed at kids’ energy.

Throughout you can see a continuation of colour, use of strong and clear images of the accommodation site as well as where the adventures will take place. As an adventure holiday, we knew that it needed to be accessible for anyone doing a quick search on their phone or iPad and then the option to be able to book – although this feature is still in the process of being worked on as they are still working on their 2015 schedule.