If someone searches for a treatment, service or product they are offered thousands of options, varying in price, location and quality. When potential clients visit your homepage it’s important to uphold their attention with the different features of your business, it’s USPs and how it can benefit them. There are many techniques to transform a browsing user on your homepage to an enquiring client.

1. Simple and User-Friendly Navigation

Website navigation needs to be simple and user friendly. In a digital age it is important that your website is flexible across desktop, mobile and tablet. A Com Score report suggested that 61% of minutes spent online in the UK are on mobile devices, where users are quick to jump from app to app. If your website has oversized images, small text with buttons that are impractical for use on a phone, they are more likely to swipe away for a preferred experience elsewhere.

Creating a website that translates efficiently over different devices is critical in increasing engagement, traffic and ultimately, enquiries.

2. Copy

Many businesses make the fatal error of writing their own website copy, which will not have the same effectiveness as a professionally written piece. Copywriters are experts in translating information in the most valuable and attractive way. It is reported that only 30% of a whole webpage is actually read, so it is essential to use professional expertise to get the most important and beneficial information to your potential clients.

This can be implemented with clear, attractive headings, short sentences, bullet points and highlighted words that work well on both desktop and mobile devices.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are a fantastic way to advocate your business’ credibility, style and expertise. These testimonials could be a trust seal from a major company, client reviews or ‘Before and Afters’. Written testimonials can be effective but when partnered with images and/or video, these reviews are solidified as the images, particularly ‘Before and Afters’ act as proof of your brand’s excellence. More general images are still powerful tools, as users are more likely to be attracted to a section with an image.

4. Social media

One of the most significant features of a business is their social media. As popularity and usage of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have increased massively over time, social media is no longer a choice for a brand, but a necessity. Social media not only gives your business a chance to promote itself amongst users who are interested in your industry, but it also allows a space where you can engage directly with both prospective and past clients.

Adding social media buttons to your business’ homepage and header offers clients more ways to connect with you. Even if they are not looking for a treatment or product at the time of browsing, they may wish to stay in contact across social media for promotions.

5. Call To Action Buttons & Contact Forms

When visiting your website for the first time, prospective clients need an immediate, clear representation of what your business is, what you offer and where they can get in contact with you. In light of this, we recommend call to action buttons, and a fast-track contact form to give your clients multiple ways to enquire. Furthermore, adding email details, phone number, and an address to your website’s header are efficient ways to give your clients a contact resource, whilst giving them an indication of where your business is based.

If you’re looking to advance your website further to increase engagement and chance of enquiry with your clients, a live chat may be an invaluable addition to your homepage. With this feature, you can contact your customers directly, answering questions and providing additional information, increasing the likelihood of a formal enquiry. However, this is a website element that can only be successful with the correct resources, so only implement this tool if your business can elect at least one person to maintain the chat and interact with customers.

6. Offers

A proven technique to increase online engagement from your homepage is to advertise promotions and offers that could entice potential clients. From free consultations to discounted procedures, most clients respond well to products and services that they think is not only a fantastic treatment, but also excellent value for money. Offers need careful consideration and are not always right for all brands, but we shop confidently for the price and value that we get.

7. Using Analytics

All of these tools have been proven to increase engagement and enquiry rates for many businesses, but it is impossible to get a true gage on what works best for your brand without evaluating your analytics. From studying these figures, you can tailor your website with the most effective tools and features that attract your target market. From trying a variety of techniques and methods, you will get to know your client base, and the best ways to interact with them.

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