Facebook is still the largest global social media platform with 2.93 billion users. If you want to reach customers, at least a quarter of the world’s population is on Facebook. It’s still one of the most effective sites to advertise on. And Facebook knows this. That’s why they invest so heavily in the technology they provide for their advertisers that use Facebook Ads.

The opportunities for targeting your ads to the right people on Facebook, the comprehensive data analysis you can access, and effective advertising solutions for every budget, add up to create a fertile ground for increasing your sales and growing your business. If you’re an aesthetics company, for example, and you’re not directly connecting with your existing customers on Facebook, as well as actively promoting your new skin health range of rejuvenation treatments to a new, relevant audience, you will be losing business to your competitors – who will be.

Used efficiently, Facebook can raise brand awareness, bring you, new customers, in their hundreds, exceed the expectations of your new product launch, and even increase your market share. In this article, we’re going to draw on our years of experience in placing hugely successful ads for our clients on Facebook to give you our best, most advanced tips on navigating Facebook advertising in 2023.

1. Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Addresses Your Customer Directly

How well do you understand the needs and preferences of your existing customers? Being on top of this is key to your success because it will inform how you use Facebook audience targeting tools. Let’s take a look at how we might target your existing customers on Facebook.

It’s highly likely that 80% of your sales, come from 20% of your regular, existing customers. These customers are already engaged in whatever marketing or advertising you currently employ. They’ve used your services before. They had good results, and now they trust you. They may even rely on you. They will naturally be receptive to any new product you might offer, as well as be willing to tell others about your business.

2. Promote Your New Products on Facebook Ads to Regular Customers

In the sales funnel process, your top, regular customers are right at the bottom of the funnel. This means they’ve already fully completed the customer journey. They’re aware of your brand, they’ve considered it, they’ve made a decision about you, and now they are highly likely to buy from you again, without you having to do much persuading. The kind of Facebook ads that should appeal to this type of customer takes into account the goods or services they’ve already purchased from you and builds on it.

Ads that will be particularly desirable to them will be a limited-time discount offer on facial aesthetic treatments for existing customers, a brand-new treatment that is seasonally relevant, i.e. laser hair removal before your holiday, Profhilo before the school reunion, or LED light treatment before the Christmas party season. if you’ve built your Facebook profile correctly, the only targeting you should need to do for customers like this is to target your ad at people who have liked your page.

3. Use Facebook Ads to Spread Brand Awareness to Potential Customers

Customers who are still at the top of the sales funnel need a different approach. This audience is yet to hear of your brand. The focus of your ads for this audience is to spread awareness of your services and show how trusted you are as a service provider.

Authority within your industry and social proof (potential customers can see that existing customers have had a good experience with you) are the two main factors that will convince potential customers to become actual customers and make their first sale with you. 

Facebook ads that focus on spreading awareness of your brand are likely to generate more leads than actual sales. It’s important to accept that nurtured leads should become regular customers in the future. Push sales too hard on people who don’t know enough about you, and you’ll put them off, possibly even get yourself blocked. The last thing you want is for your targeted audience to start pushing the Facebook ‘See less of these types of ads’ button.

When it comes to targeting a new audience, it’s far better to be niche, than try to appeal too widely (pleasing nobody). If your facial aesthetic treatments are aimed at women in their 50s, looking for skin rejuvenation, who live within 10 miles of your clinic in Cambridge, then you should target your ads by age, gender, and location. If you’re offering medical Botox for tennis elbow, or cellulite removal, you may want to target tennis players or swimmers. You can target potential customers by interests, hobbies, and behaviour.

Women with young children might be looking for stretch mark removal, or to shift areas of loose skin across the abdomen, in which case you could target family demographics. The more you identify your customers’ problems, and then craft a Facebook ad that solves them, the more interest your ad should get.

4. Install Facebook’s Meta Pixel

Facebook users willingly give Facebook a lot of information about themselves, and as an advertiser, you can take advantage of this. You can best understand your customer by installing Facebook meta-pixel, an essential tool for everyone looking to grow their sales via Facebook.

This meta pixel will give you advanced analytics, allowing you to observe how your target audience behaves and responds to your ads. This will help you tweak your ads to get better results and consequently a greater RO.

5. Re-Target Leads and Create Custom Audiences on your Facebook Ads

Once you know which potential leads have responded to one of your ads by clicking on it, your analytics should show you which particular page on your website they were taken to, before giving up. This is the information you need to make a custom audience.

Perhaps single women with acne scars in their 30s have clicked on your microneedling landing page but didn’t get in touch to speak to you personally. You can’t contact them. It’s off-putting, if not illegal. So instead, one approach is to turn these women into a custom Facebook ad audience and show them more microneedling ads, each with a different angle to test different responses.

Familiarity with your brand, through seeing repeated ads, can have a very positive effect on a potential lead. They will grow to feel as if they know your brand. This is brand awareness. Your call to action in this instance, rather than encourage sales, should encourage engagement. If you can get website visitors and ad clickers to ask you a question or make an enquiry, you can invite them for a short facial aesthetic consultation and close the sale in person.

Your top regular customers are another custom audience. In fact, why not create a custom audience for each treatment offered?

6. Utilise Lookalike Audiences

Once you have established your custom audiences, you should have a good idea of what your target demographic looks like. This knowledge will allow you to spread your net a little wider, using Facebook’s lookalike audience targeting option.

This tool creates an audience that looks similar to people who have responded to your ad, engage with you, or are socially just like customers of yours – but they are entirely separate people who haven’t heard of you yet. It’s likely many of them will be responsive, don’t you think?

7. Facebook Ad Library

As well as targeting the right audience for your ads to have a successful campaign, a little market research can be extremely helpful. If you can see your main competitor’s most successful ad, why not work on creating something similar, but ask yourself how you can improve upon it? Facebook’s meta library contains all the ads ever run. It will allow you to see which direct and indirect ads your competitors are running on Facebook. It’s extremely useful and valuable information.

Save time and make money by outsourcing your Facebook ads to the experts

We appreciate that there’s a lot of information here, and if used efficiently – it can have a thrilling effect on your sales. But spending time on Facebook to get the magic combination of appealing ads and appropriate response simply isn’t possible for every CEO. Here at Cosmetic Digital, we have been placing ads on behalf of our facial aesthetics, medical, and dental customers, with huge success, for many years. Want to find out how fast we can boost your sales? Please get in touch for an informal chat with one of our friendly Facebook marketing experts.