Understanding (UX) user experience sounds like words that belong in the tech realm. They sound like they’re the problem of the person who built your website, not you! But, understanding how your cosmetic and dental clients are reading your web content, and what actions they take as a result of it, can put you dramatically ahead of your competitors.

If you know, for instance, that you have a lot of website visitors viewing a particular webpage, eg teeth whitening, or lip fillers, but they’re not making enquiries or bookings as a result of what they’ve read, wouldn’t you love to know what the problem is? Because then you could fix it!

In this article we’re looking at 7 different factors of user experience, the understanding of which may help you turn far more website visitors into paying clients.

1. A useful website encourages repeat visits

Are potential and existing clients finding your website useful enough?

Your website must serve a clear purpose for your target clients. A website without a clear purpose is unlikely to be able to compete for attention in the market. Let’s look at an example. If your website shows lots of aspirational images but has very little information about your expertise, or how you deliver your services, how do new clients know they can trust you to do a good job?

Or, if you position yourself well, do you give enough general info about the benefits of the treatments you offer, and what a client can expect to experience as a result? If not, then potential clients might like the sound of paying an expert, like yourself, for cosmetic or dental services, but they’re not sure which services they might need.

Continuously updating and enhancing the valuable purpose your website provides to a client can help you build a loyal online user base.

2. Websites that are easy to use remove barriers to sales

Can your web visitors and clients achieve their objectives easily?

Usability plays a significant role in user experience, enabling your website visitors and clients to achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently. This might be getting the info they need, or booking a pre-treatment consultation with you.  A highly usable website improves the user’s comfort and confidence, ultimately leading to a competitive advantage.

According to the Interaction Design Foundation, usability is measured by how well a user can use a product or design to accomplish a specific purpose effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily. If your website prioritises providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for website visitors to complete their tasks, they’ll be more willing to book online with you, and then repeat that action a few months later, when they need top-up treatments.

3. Finding the information you want is a satisfying experience

Is your essential information easy to find?

Findability is crucial for your clients and potential clients to locate the information they need. User-friendly websites that promote solutions allow users to find what they are looking for easily. Ask yourself the question ‘Can website visitors find the information they are looking for? This will help you identify potential improvements in findability.

By adopting a user-centric perspective when playing around with your website and web content, you can ensure a positive user experience.  This applies to any Facebook or Google ads you’re writing to. Ideally, they too will solve a problem for your clients, and click through to a relevant landing page, which contains all the info they’re hoping to find.

4. People are unlikely to buy from businesses they don’t trust

Have you done enough to build trust with website visitors?

If you’re seen to be a credible authority in your industry, your users will trust you to deliver your services safely and provide them with optimal results. This is the ideal situation, because it encourages new website visitors to book a consultation, or at least find out more about you.

How can you show off your credibility? For a start, it’s important to point out your training and expertise, but it’s equally important to deliver on any promises you make, as well as be transparent about your services and results. A loss of credibility can have severe consequences for a brand.

5. Accessible websites reach more potential clients

Is your website design inclusive enough?

Accessibility is a critical aspect of user experience, ensuring that your services can be accessed by users of all abilities. But designing your website doesn’t just benefit disabled users. It improves usability for everyone. This could be as simple as using inclusive videos with subtitles, as well as informative audio.

It’s also worth making sure that your website can be viewed easily, without losing functionality, on a variety of platforms. Try looking at your website on a mobile phone. Does it lose any aesthetics, or ease of use? If it does, can you tweak it to improve its look and usability?

6. A good user experience gives potential clients a stronger desire for your services

Does your website resonate emotionally with its users?

Desirability is conveyed through aesthetics, branding, image identity, and emotional design. Visual elements play a significant role in attracting and retaining clients. A visually appealing image can create emotional connections with users.

Have you got Before and After photos that you’re particularly proud of? They’re going to stand out more and be more memorable, than stock photos of models. When building your website, you should focus on creating visually pleasing elements that are original, and attract your target audience.

7. If your website offers your users value, they will return

Do you deliver value through your website?

Having a valuable website represents the sum of all the other factors we’ve talked about. If your website achieves its purpose successfully, is user-friendly, can be found in search, and is accessible and desirable, then it should be delivering great results for you. It should be the reason why you’re getting lots of cosmetic or dental enquiries.

You don’t have to do all the hard work yourself!

If you’re not getting many enquiries, maybe dealing with the back-end of your website isn’t your thing?

But it is ours!

Many people find they can save time and money by outsourcing their UX improvements and digital marketing to industry experts. And when it comes to the Aesthetic and Dental industries, we are market leaders. Please give us a call if you would like to have a chat about growing your customer base and sales via a boosted user experience.