As the cosmetic medical industry becomes ever more competitive, it’s essential that your clinic website stands out from the crowd and differentiates you from your competitors, especially if they offer a similar range of treatments.

One of the ways that you can do this is to personalise your clinic website so that visitors can see at a glance what makes your clinic unique and what the value will be to them if they become a patient.

When we think about personalisation at Cosmetic Digital, we concentrate on the 7 ‘P’ Checklist:

1. Profile

In its purest sense, a profile is a ‘short article giving a description of a person or organisation’. If you choose to add a short intro to your Home page welcoming visitors to your clinic and giving them a brief insight into where you’re based, what you offer and your clinic ethos, this can be a quick and easy way for potential patients to see whether your clinic will meet their needs and compare it to your local competitors.

Even though you’re talking about your clinic in this intro profile, remember to focus on ‘you’, the patient, rather than ‘we’, the clinic. People want to know how choosing your clinic will benefit them personally.

2. People

A well-known sales adage is that people buy from people, not businesses. In other words, whatever we want to buy, we tend to be influenced by the personality of a brand or the story of the people behind the business. We buy from those we like, those who share common ground with us, and those we trust. This is especially important in the cosmetic medical industry as most patients are on an intensely personal journey to change an aspect of their appearance.

One thing your clinic has that no other clinic in the world can claim is your team. Therefore, one of the most powerful things you can do to personalise your website is to show your clinic through your team.

Show potential patients who they can expect to meet when they come for an appointment through team profiles and pictures throughout your website. As well as highlighting the unique skills and experience of your team members, you might also want to talk about their favourite pastimes, what they love about the clinic, what has motivated them in their careers – all the things that make them the people they are, as well as an asset to your team.

3. Premises

Like your team, your physical environment is completely unique to your clinic. By including pictures of the clinic on your website, you can help potential patients feel familiar with how it looks before they’ve physically stepped through the door.

We always recommend avoiding pictures of needles and machines, in favour of images of your reception, flowers in vases, artwork on the walls, practitioners talking to their patients in treatment rooms, and so on. The idea is to show how warm and welcoming your clinic is, to show its personality, and the human touch behind your services.

4. Prices

Although price is an important consideration for patients, it may be less of a deciding factor than you think. You can personalise your website by taking the focus away from price and putting it on value. In other words, let your potential patients see how they benefit from buying from you. Tell them about your initial consultation, how your tailor your treatments to their individual needs, how you offer flexible appointment times, or longer appointments so they won’t feel rushed.

5. Patient Journey

Another way to personalise your website is to explain, show and promise what happens at your clinic during the patient journey. This will help people to visualise themselves taking that journey and set out clear expectations for every stage. In turn, this helps to remove barriers to buying such as fear of the unknown.

What happens during the patient journey at your clinic? Are there little touches that potential patients wouldn’t find elsewhere? Your clinic website is the ideal place to communicate this.

6. Proof

As we’ve said before, one of the biggest barriers to buying is fear of the unknown. Featuring ‘before and after images on your website can serve several important roles in terms of helping potential patients to overcome this fear:

  • It provides proof of the potential outcomes of treatment.
  • It shows that you can do what you say you can do.
  • It rubber stamps your credentials and experience.
  • It shows that other patients have been on the same journey and were happy with the outcome.
  • It helps potential patients visualise how they will look and feel by the end of their treatment.

7. Packages

One of the most effective ways to personalise your offering is to create treatment packages unique to your clinic. By branding your treatments into experiences you can move the focus away from price and on to the individual benefits to each patient. Show them how they will get a personal service, honest recommendations based on their needs, time to relax, time to talk through their hopes for treatment, great results, follow-up checks, and more.

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