Ask any business about their digital marketing plans when a recession looms, and the majority of them will be winding down their activity, citing cost-saving measures. But what if the opposite was true – and spending was part of the cure? We’re here to show you 5 ways to invest in your digital marketing during the pre-recession period.

1. Spend your money wisely

In times of recession, it’s not necessarily a good move to cut your marketing spend. It’s better – and wiser – to make sure you’re spending it on the right things. After all, if your business disappears off the radar during times of hardship, who is going to remember you when the recession ends? Keep your digital marketing ticking over, and your name will always be first-to-mind for your customers, showing them you’re still there – and business is booming.

2. Invest in your website

When it comes to a digital marketing strategy for the recession, our advice would be to first and foremost sort out your website. Be clear about which services you’re offering, as well as any that might be on pause. It’s also a good time to review those little details that often get overlooked, like your business hours – especially if you’ve cut back on opening times or staff numbers. And, if you’ve got any membership programs on the go, now’s the time to put them front and centre. By growing subscriptions now, you could weather the harshest storm later.

3. Create an irresistible offer

We all know customers flock to your practice or clinic when there’s an offer on, regardless of the economic climate. But it’s also a great way to reward loyalty, too. As for your competition, they may well be wary about the situation and so less likely to copy your offers – not realising just how effective they can be at leveraging extra spend on your treatments, services and products.

4. Make the most of SEO marketing

As we’ve mentioned, most businesses will be more frugal about their marketing spend and tightening their purse strings, which means your competition is likely to be much less of a threat than in the usual landscape. By focusing your spend on areas like SEO, you could build on your organic search rankings during the recession to secure the top slot on Google, while your competition slips further down the ladder. All that means you’re in the best possible position when the economy picks back up and your clients are ready to spend more freely.

5. Keep in touch with your clients

You might think that there’s little point in sending out marketing communications – such as emails – during a recession. But in fact, email marketing is a great avenue to focus on. It typically requires less spending while reaching an interested (and invested) audience. You can also cleverly use segmentation to make sure you’re targeting the right people with the right messaging. And if nothing else, it’s another gentle nudge to your clients that you’re still going strong.

How Cosmetic Digital can help

There are so many ways we can help our clients weather any digital marketing storm, be it pandemics and lockdowns, or the business peaks, troughs and recessions many of us are so familiar with. Our expert team of marketers, developers, SEO specialists and copywriters are on-hand to create bespoke digital marketing strategies that suit your business – and your clients – and help you leave the competition in the dust. From building a brand new website, to rolling out a successful SEO strategy, we can cover every area of your digital marketing. Best of all? We practise what we preach, actively taking the same steps to protect our own business and secure a prosperous future.

Get in touch by calling us on 01159 140640 or filling out our quick an easy web form. Covering digital marketing for the dental, aesthetics and healthcare sectors, we couldn’t be better placed to elevate your clinic or practice – and survive this recession, and the next.