As digital marketing specialists, we know how to leverage every area of your website to get the best results – whether it’s attracting new patients, encouraging more newsletter sign-ups, securing more bookings or achieving more skincare sales. 

In this post, our experts look at landing pages, and what you need to focus on to ensure your clients read and engage with your content, and take the next steps you’re looking for. 

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are a type of webpage designed and built specifically for campaigns to link to. Whether you set up a campaign on social media or through Google ads, it’s a good idea to create a webpage specifically for that purpose. On the page, the action you want your clients to take should be clear and singular – known as a ‘call to action’. For example, you might invite them to book a treatment, download an ebook or redeem an offer.  

‘’Landing pages allow you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads’’ – Hubspot

Why have a landing page?

Landing pages can boost your conversion rates because they have a clear, focused goal. While other pages usually consider the whole process of the customer journey and link your clients to other relevant content on your website – reviews, contact page, similar treatments – the campaign landing page will only invite the client to take one specific action, which is more effective at turning them into a customer.

What are the advantages of landing pages?

First and foremost, your landing page is a way to generate leads, because you’re sending them to an area designed specifically around the ad or post they’ve clicked on. 

You can also create bespoke offers around your campaign, which can only be accessed via the linked landing page. For example, you might advertise on Facebook about an offer on teeth whitening. You can then better gauge where the traffic has come from. 

Landing pages are also a great way to collect information about these leads, such as by incorporating a contact form in exchange for a coupon code, helping you learn more about your audience.

How do I get the most out of my landing pages?

Follow the tips below to find out how to leverage your landing pages for real, measurable results. 

1. DON’T give your visitors options

It might sound counter-intuitive, but you want your visitors to take a very specific action on your landing page. Not only should you use just one clear CTA, you should also remove the main navigation, which could tempt them away. 

2. Consider your content

The content on your landing page needs to be the best it can be. Some ideas include: 

– Incorporate logos or ‘seals of approval’ to create kudos

– Provide a variety of media, from GIFs to videos, to interactive elements

– Ensure your copy is informative, engaging and meticulously written

3. Size IS everything

A typical webpage might have a number of sections – introduction, treatment information, FAQs, reviews, booking form – but a landing page should be simple and refined. That’s not to say that it can’t incorporate some of these elements, but whatever you choose to include, it must be a necessary piece of the puzzle that motivates your visitors to take that desired action.

How do I get help with my landing pages?

For tips, tricks and tech that can help you exceed your business goals, get in touch with our team of digital marketing experts today. Call us on 01159 140 640 or visit our contact page for all the details.