Last year a friend and client Colin Campbell asked me to join him in an Iron Man relay team to raise money for the Karen Green Foundation

Unfortunately he caught me in… a good mood and with my guard down and I said yes. And so in 5 weeks time I now have to run a marathon after Colin has cycled 112 miles, which is after Kim Morrish has swam 2.4 miles in open water.

I didn’t know Karen, but knowing Colin and his dedication to the charity was enough to persuade me to dress in tight lycra and get chafing (although not that much was needed to get me in lycra)

The aim is to raise money in the memory of Karen to help and support individuals and families affected by leukaemia and other blood borne diseases in Nottingham.

Your support really matters. Anything is everything!!

Please get involved

You can do this at:
Text: CC99 £amount to 70070

Colin has a few blog posts too:

Many thanks for all your support