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Holbrooks Health Team offers NHS and non-NHS health services from within a purpose-built practice to the north of Coventry city centre. It features a doctor’s surgery, dental practice, its own pharmacy, and a range of routine health clinics. Our brief was to create a website that would enable Holbrooks Health Team to inform people about their services and clinics. It needed to be simple, professional and easy to navigate.

Web Design

The web design has a traditional feel – Holbrooks Health Team is an NHS Beacon Service practice and they were keen for the design to feel familiar and straightforward, much like their approach to healthcare.

Marketing & Print

To support the Holbrooks Health Team visual identity and to help patients see at a glance that correspondence has come from Holbrooks, we have created a wide range of stationery and patient leaflets. The deep blue colour against the crisp white feels professional, elegant and promotes the sense that patients are in safe hands.

Mobile Responsive

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