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Diagnostic Ultrasound Coventry is a high quality diagnostic scanning service provided by the Holbrooks Health Team to NHS patients. The team wanted a separate brand for the service that would feel calm and reassuring, and that would feel familiar to NHS patients. They also wanted a website that would communicate essential information about the service, their expertise and technology, and how to get a referral and make a booking.

Web Design

We used simple blues and whites as the main colours of the brand and website to convey a professional, stress-free service. The information is presented logically across the types of problems that can be picked up with an ultrasound, the booking process, quality and care, technology, and patient testimonials. The images are of people of all ages going about their everyday lives, as Diagnostic Ultrasound Coventry wanted to show the ease of using the service, and how it’s much more convenient than having to attend the hospital for a scan.

Marketing & Print

To support the brand identity at the different stages of the patient journey, we created everything from stationery and patient leaflets, to post-treatment patient satisfaction forms. The brand fits within people’s expectations of an NHS service but also has its own unique identity.

Mobile Responsive

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