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DB Dental is a family run business that specialises in the sale, maintenance and installation of all dental equipment and furniture anywhere in the UK, as well as complete clinic designs and redesigns. They wanted a website that displayed their friendly but professional approach, with a portfolio section to showcase their work, a catalogue section to show the breadth of equipment they sell, and the timeline showing the history of this family business. The client particularly liked Pinterest and similar visually-driven sites.

Web Design

The portfolio pages were designed to reflect the mood boards DB Dental created during the design process of each refurbishment. We showed colour palettes and design features, such as glass doors and dark wood, to highlight the breadth of what the company is able to achieve. The Product pages are supported by an advanced bespoke CMS that lets DB Dental edit and add product descriptions and images. The timeline and photos of the team, including David Bennett and his four children, who have key roles within the business, emphasise the personal story behind DB Dental.

Mobile Responsive

The website design is responsive so that it adapts to the screen and device on which it is being viewed. Key points for each service are brought out as bullet points to make them stand out on any screen size at a glance. The website also uses icons to convey DB Dental’s unique selling points in a mobile-friendly display.

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