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Choose a hosting package to suit you

We provide a range of web hosting packages to suit every site and budget. From simple and safe, affordable hosting to performance-based super-fast and dedicated hosting, our team are on hand for technical support whenever needed to manage your website.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham


Our website hosting provides you with a server solely used by our clients, ensuring faster download speeds and top-level security. Our servers are monitored routinely to ensure high performance and ultimate security, and are recommended for those with larger websites, ecommerce sites and high volumes of traffic.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Technical Support

We offer unlimited technical support as standard, regardless of which hosting package you choose, giving you peace of mind for problems minor or unexpected. We are available by email or telephone, and aim to fix the problem then and there. We understand the trust placed in our hosting servers, which is why we dedicate time and effort to keep your website and business up and running.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Website Memory Back-Ups

Whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly, we always recommend scheduled back-ups.  Because we provide you with the freedom to make your own additions, amends, and changes to your website, we also recommend regular memory back-ups to ensure that your hard work isn’t lost should anything happen to your website. While we investigate and fix the problem, we can retrieve and restore the most recently backed-up version of your website so that you can return to business as usual. Ask about our back-up services.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers offer protection, security, and superfast download speeds suitable for larger websites and bigger businesses.

Shared Servers

Our shared servers are simple, quick, and easy to set-up, offering secure web hosting to smaller websites and budgets.

Technical Support

We offer technical support from our dedicated team to help you manage your hosting and email, with advice and error fixes available from us in-house.

Website Memory Back-Ups

Website memory back-ups provide you with a failsafe back-up of your pages and content should anything more sinister occur to your site.

SSL Security

Avoid Google penalties and earn the trust of your traffic with an SSL security certificate that protects yours and your web traffic’s data.

Secure FTP

For the safe transferring of files and information between our servers and the website that loads for your traffic, you need a secure FTP.

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