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Improve download speeds and security with website hosting

Your website needs a home on the world wide web in the form of secure email and web hosting. Web hosting is stored on our servers from which you can choose either shared or dedicated depending on your business size and budget. We’ll assist you in domain purchasing, email set-up, website security, and web hosting with our web hosting packages. Hosting your site with the same professionals who are building it provides you with peace of mind and a far more streamlined and effective service for your business.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers offer protection, security, and superfast download speeds suitable for larger websites and bigger businesses.

Shared Servers

Our shared servers are simple, quick, and easy to set-up, offering secure web hosting to smaller websites and budgets.

Technical Support

We offer technical support from our dedicated team to help you manage your hosting and email, with advice and error fixes available from us in-house.

Website Memory Back-Ups

Website memory back-ups provide you with a failsafe back-up of your pages and content should anything more sinister occur to your site.

SSL Security

Avoid Google penalties and earn the trust of your traffic with an SSL security certificate that protects yours and your web traffic’s data.

Secure FTP

For the safe transferring of files and information between our servers and the website that loads for your traffic, you need a secure FTP.

Why choose you as my website hosting agency?

We offer two different types of website hosting to suite all kinds of businesses. Whether you opt for our dedicated website hosting or our shared website hosting, we have a package to best suit you. We provide email domain hosting, secure servers, and FTP access to ensure your website is secure and protected when launched. Our dedicated team are always on hand to provide technical assistance and advice should you need it, and we work on any hiccups or problems with your hosting until they are solved.

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Dedicated Website Hosting

Dedicated website hosting provides you with a server that is solely for the clients of Cosmetic Digital, ensuring faster download speeds and uncompromising security for your website. Our dedicated hosting servers offer security features that are updated routinely to allow you the best peace of mind, and they are monitored regularly to ensure their best performance. Our dedicated server package is recommended for businesses with large websites.

Shared Website Hosting

Shared hosting servers host your website amongst other websites, and they are a popular choice for businesses with smaller websites and smaller budgets. Our shared hosting packages still allow for a lot of advanced technology and security as standard, and they are quick and simple to set up. Our team still offers the same level of dedicated support, and unlimited email accounts also allow you easy online access to your inbox.

Secure FTP

For the safe transferring of files and information between our servers and the website that loads for your traffic, you need a secure FTP. Your FTP tracks IP addresses, only allowing certain pre-approved addresses access to your files and website’s inner workings. Our secure FTPs therefore will protect you against hacking, safeguard you and your site visitors, and only permits file access to yourselves and our web developers.

Technical Support

We offer unlimited technical support as a standard, regardless of the hosting package you choose of your website. Our dedicated in-house team will assist you with any mishaps or problems that may occur during your hosting, be they minor or unexpected. We are available by email or telephone, and we dedicate ourselves to fixing the problem there and then. We understand the trust placed in our hosting servers, which is why we dedicate time and effort to keep your website and business up and running.

SSL Security

A Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL) helps to secure and protect your website, and we highly recommend these to all of our clients. An SSL certificate encrypts the data of you and your web users, ensuring both remain protected and unreachable by more sinister hands. They also benefit your SEO efforts, as an insecure website could incur penalties from Google. An SSL certificate shows as a green padlock in your browser address bar, reassuring your online customers that the site they are visiting is protecting them and their information. This digital security certificate is powered by GeoTrust, a popular provider of web protection, and is compatible with all major browsers.

Website Memory Back-Ups

Whether its once monthly, quarterly, or yearly, we always recommend website memory back-ups for those that use CMS systems. Because we provide you with the freedom to make your own additions, amends, and changes to your website, we also recommend regular memory back-ups to ensure that your hard work isn’t lost should anything occur to your website. Whilst we investigate and fix the problem, we can retrieve and restore the most recently backed-up version of your website and its content so that you may return to business as usual.

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