WordPress Web Development

Why Wordpress Web Development?

We use industry-leading CMS website platform WordPress to create bespoke and dynamic websites for our clients, and we’ll do it all over again for your business too. Your website should serve as a trust indicator to your traffic, providing them with plenty of subliminal and more direct reasons to invest in your business. Our in-house web designers and developers, based in our Nottingham digital marketing agency, are skilled in producing websites that represent your brand in its truest form. We use the best quality people to provide the best quality websites with a view to increasing conversions and representing your business as the multi-faceted and dynamic body it is.

Brand Awareness & Visibility

You need a customisable and flexible website that allows us to mould it to your vision. Investing in a custom WordPress website with our developers represents your brand in its most dynamic and creative form.

Reputation Building

Investing in your website leads your traffic to invest their trust in you. The killer combo of function, usability, and aesthetics creates a positive reputation, prompting an increase in your enquiry and conversion rate.

Content Journey

Your website usability is vitally important to increasing conversions; if nobody can navigate through your rabbits’ warren of pages, they’re not going to feel comfortable investing in a service. Deliver your expertise in concise and creative ways with WordPress custom sites.

SEO Benefits

Search engines are famously difficult to appease, and they don’t like repeated content. A custom-coded website provides Google and its friends with independent, never before seen content that it values above templates, positively impacting your SEO.


Give your traffic what they want: integrated maps location, responsive contact forms, social media feeds. You need to ensure that your website gives your traffic what they need lest they look elsewhere, and WordPress website development can do all of this.

CMS Usability

Having control of your own site and collaborating on content is as important for you as it is to us, so your website platform needs an easy-to-use CMS. This leads to less intervention from us, more cost-efficiency for you, and an overall positive working relationship for us both.

Why choose us as your WordPress website development agency?

You won’t find another agency with the same WordPress prowess as us. We’ve created some truly beautiful, contemporary, and clean sites using this diverse platform and even provide content tutorials for our clients to make their own amendments. Our skilled website developers here at Cosmetic Digital are well-versed in custom coding, CSS, and website building and maintenance to ensure they provide a well-rounded product for your business. Using WordPress’ custom build tools, diverse range of plug-ins, and blog capabilities, you’ll find your site populated with an endless horizon for growth and addition. Providing you with remote log-in details and step-by-step guides to page and blog additions, we’ll share with you the essentials of day-to-day management so that even the least tech-savvy of your team can upload a blog post or change a listing.

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Custom Page Templates

One of our many skills in WordPress is creating custom page templates that are unique to your business. Taking your brand identity, business ethos, and approved designs we’ll create web pages that are sleek, stylish, and always fresh. Whether you are seeking something clean and concise or a design template with a little more flare, our WordPress developers will be able to craft you something truly inspired. Not only will these custom templates look good, but they will also have a positive knock-on effect to your SEO, as search engines favour this kind of content over commercial templates.

Content Coding

As well as providing custom page templates, we’ll also craft custom content coding for your website too. Your CSS code will not only look good but enhance the usability and functionality of your site. A revolving image carousel, sliding reviews, and on-page scrolling transitions all add a fresh coat of varnish to an already professional site, creating a more dynamic and interactive environment for your traffic to browse. These kinds of interactive and complex website components also greatly benefit your SEO, because you’re showing search engines that you’re not some flat-lay run-of-the-mill website. WordPress is the ultimate platform for housing creative CSS code, and boy do we know how to execute it.

Mobile Optimisation

When was the last time you were without your smart phone, or some form of tablet device? With more and more searching being done on mobile devices, websites are now being penalised by search engines if they’re not mobile optimised or mobile responsive. This is another reason why we use WordPress, because not only do we design specifically for mobile sites, but we also execute their implementation perfectly. Our designs and development are instantly recognised as mobile responsive, and WordPress CMS is even available as a smart phone app for quick statistics updates and content control. Mobile optimisation is key to your website’s success, but our WordPress mobile sites will really pack a punch.

User-Friendly CMS

WordPress web development comes with a happy marriage of complex design with simple client usability. We can achieve spectacular and tasteful design on a relatively simple CMS that is easy for our clients to use. We provide you with your log-in details and clear tutorials on how to access your website, edit and add pages, and create your own blog posts so that you may take control of your own site. The ease of use and cost efficiency of managing your own day-to-day changes makes WordPress website development the perfect halfway house of collaboration between our professional developers and your in-house team.

Blog Integration

Blogging is a fundamental step to take in the betterment of your SEO, and what better place to house it than one of the world’s leading website and blogging platforms? With a blog integrated onto your WordPress site, you can continually update your traffic and cross-promote your site on social media with the latest news, insights, and advice from your business. Use your blog to connect and communicate and you’ll notice a change in how your traffic relates to you. A WordPress blog is simple and easy to use (don’t worry, we’ll show you) with monthly blog posts written by our content executives coming as an added extra to our SEO packages. With fresh content, simple CMS, professional investment into how your traffic responds to you, why wouldn’t you opt for WordPress website development?

E-Commerce Plug-Ins

If you’re thinking of selling your products online or already do and are looking for a more fool-proof way to do so, then you’ll love WordPress’ e-commerce plug-ins. As well as their wide and expandable range of SEO, contact forms, and usability plug-ins you can now sell your wares from an online shop add-on. Associated with some of the most reliable payment companies in the world, like PayPal and Stripe, e-commerce plug-ins allow mailing list integration and the easy selling of your services. Even booking systems and paid-for reservations can be made through our diverse knowledge of WordPress plug-ins, so you can elevate your website and business to the next level.

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