E-commerce Websites

Why E-commerce Websites?

More and more buying, shopping, and selling is done online, with big online-exclusive businesses blossoming left and right. It’s not easy to ignore the capabilities and conversion potential in e-commerce websites and plug-ins, so whether you’re thinking about expanding or are already growing, we’ll craft for you a fully functional shop or e-commerce website. We’ll create a customer journey with optimised user experience to encourage conversions, boost your ROI, and increase the likelihood of a return for further purchases. Through careful research, planning, and design we’ll craft the perfect e-commerce solution for you.

Website Traffic

The more people that are browsing and scrolling your online shop, the better. Help your site perform its best with upgraded e-commerce tools and platforms used by the experts here at Cosmetic Digital.

Conversion Rates

A custom-built and targeted e-commerce website with sleek functionality is the first step in driving ecommerce sales, but our expert insight into buying habits and consumer research assures effective conversion rate optimisation.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

We’ll tell you how many users are adding products to their shopping cart but not completing the sale, so we can plan methods to keep these numbers low. This includes smoothing the friction in the check-out process and other vital steps that saves conversion.

Bounce Rate

Lowering your bounce rate from your e-commerce website means designing it for an efficient and interactive customer journey. Channelling your traffic through your product listings and catalogues is a science we’ve mastered.

Customer Acquisition Cost

We’ll help keep an eye on your e-commerce strategy and budget management to ensure the best ROI achievable. We have online shop options open to all, so we’re certain we’ll find the best option for your business.

Mailing List & Database Management

Harvesting this kind of data following purchases and newsletter sign-ups needs efficient management and engagement. We’ll organise and orchestrate automatic emails to confirm purchases and much more.

Why choose us as your e-commerce website agency?

E-commerce is a continually growing branch of the digital world and more and more businesses are investigating how they could incorporate it into their digital marketing. We’ve been crafting and coding websites for years and have developed some truly beautiful concepts and e-commerce sites for businesses and brands like yours. With online store development, safe payment integrations, and responsive shopping cart capabilities, our custom-built e-commerce websites encourage trust and conversion. Our database management services and automated email processes ensure that you and your customers receive the support you both need to continue supplying and shopping.

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Bespoke Website Design

No two businesses are the same, so why should their websites be? At Cosmetic Digital we create your bespoke ecommerce website in collaboration with your business. We strive to communicate your brand and reliability as a business to show your traffic why they should place their trust in your products and services. Complete with dynamic and interactive facets, your website will function as good as it looks. We’ll even incorporate reviews, contact forms, and regular calls to action to drive consumer interest towards a conversion. Our in-house copywriters will work alongside your business and our designers to produce a website that reads, looks, and works to its very best ability.

E-Commerce Web Development

E-commerce websites need to look good, which of course we’ll ensure, but their internal processes also need to be safe and secure. Our web development includes building a comprehensive system behind the scenes that tracks product listings and quantities, consumer data, and reliable payment portals. Our designs will encourage traffic engagement and our security tools and systems will ensure consumer security. This ensures that your website will not only look good and represent your brand’s identity, but it will also reflect positively on your business’ reputation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As well as building and setting up your e-commerce site, we also research and track ways to make it perform at its highest. This includes heatmapping, which tracks how the site is navigated around and how much time is spent on each page, testing different variables to note how they impact on this, and optimising the user journey through conversion funnels.

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Digital Marketing for E-Commerce

Our digital marketing services for e-commerce are well-practiced by our experienced team. Product remarketing and Google Display are great ways of inflating your brand on social media and related websites that encourage click-throughs and conversions. Remarketing products works exceptionally well following a user’s cookie trail and the advanced PPC tracking we employ encourages further visits to the site. Our email marketing services are also invaluable to e-commerce sites when used as reminders, to deliver promotional material, or to launch new products. We’ll help you decide what will work the best for your business, so we can digitally market your products to the masses.

E-Commerce Platforms

We’re well-versed in the set-up and maintenance of reputable payment gateways such as Stripe, Sage, World Pay, and PayPal to ensure your customers’ data is kept safe and secure during purchasing. We use these platforms because they present the best user experience and user safety in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing that your customers also are too.

Easy CMS Usability

We’re more than happy to provide your business with the option of populating their own product listings and pages. After completion of the design and the content is ready, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-use tutorial of how to add and edit your own pages and listings so you can manage your site yourself. We’ll find the CMS platform most suited to your business and needs to provide the ultimate ease of usability. Step-by-step guides, support on-hand from our team, and neat and tidy CMS systems will ensure you have full control and management of the content on your website.

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