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Video content for your website and social media

Videos are a great way of captivating the attention of your traffic and building immediate trust in your brand. We work very closely with a select group of filmmakers and videographers to produce high-quality videos suitable for website, social media, and in-premises use. Our projects range from dental and aesthetic clinics to St Pauls Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, tailoring your needs and vision to your video content. Our close community of videographers provide storyboarding, filming, and post-production editing to create the best video content for your business.

Rich SEO Content

Search engines like Google are placing more importance on quality content such as videos, so the inclusion of video content on your website improves your SEO on-page optimisation as well as captivating your traffic.

Reputation and Trust

A well-made video communicates your brand and business in under 60 seconds. It allows you to reflect your brand, services, and business in an engaging and captivating way, lowering your website’s bounce rate.

Social Media Content

Videos perform well under social media algorithms and they immerse your followers, making them more likely to retain the information and brand messages they encounter and drive a small yet reliable segment of traffic to your website.

Conversion and Engagement

We can track views, shares, and duration of the video watched when we evaluate its performance, making us able to monitor the resultant enquiries gathered from the video watch time and therefore provide your ROI.

Personalise Your Business

Video helps your business to stand out and humanise your business. There is no better format to introduce your customers to the faces and values behind your brand than a high-quality video.

Why choose us as your videography agency?

We understand all aspects of videography: the creative process, planning, filming, editing, and where its value lies in your digital marketing strategy. The differences between venue videography, business videography, and product videography are second knowledge to us, and utilise all of the tools and skills necessary to communicate the design intricacies of each. We don’t just excel in the creation of these bespoke videos, but we also understand how their implementation benefits your wider digital marketing strategy. You need a digital marketing agency with a commercial videographer that understands the power of video and tailors your needs to our services, which is why you need Cosmetic Digital.

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Rich SEO Content

Videos form part of the dynamic and rich content that search engines such as Google are valuing above plain text. When indexing and crawling your website, search engines read this content as dynamic and therefore improve your Google score, pushing you higher up the rankings. We not only provide you with one of our high-quality videographers, but we can also add it to your website and merge it with your web build to produce an engaging home page or content page.

Reputation and Trust

Videography helps to build your reputation and leads your customers to place trust in your brand and business. A high-quality video engages your traffic and immediately conveys who you are and what you do within seconds. This kind of immersive content helps to draw your customers in and communicates your services, professionalism, and brand character. Your videos will help you to funnel customers through to enquiries, providing more reasons to trust your brand and therefore lowering your bounce rate as your traffic is captivated for longer.

Social Media Content

Social media algorithms have been shown to favour video content, so using high-quality videography can not only boost your engagement but also your reach. Video content is more immersive than images even on social media, and it helps to increase conversions in a follower base that is already familiar with your brand. In this sense, video forming part of your social media content strategy also aids client retention. Videos also drive a small portion of social media traffic to your website, which typically has the lowest bounce rate, bolstering your SEO efforts too.

Conversion and Engagement

There are lots of metrics we can track to analyse how your video is performing within your greater digital marketing strategy. For example, we can track views, shares, watch time, bounce rate, and time spent on the web page that holds the video. We can then track the user journey after watching the video and which buttons were pressed and pages visited to measure the real impact your videography has on your traffic. Popular locations for videos are the homepage or a core service page to help drive further interest and enquiries.

Personalising Your Business

You get seconds to create the right first impression, and video helps you do this with audio and visual engagement, adding a second dimension to your website and social media. It is important to separate yourself from your competitors and other businesses, so content that is unique to you is very valuable. Nothing personalises a business better than professional videography that captures your brand, client expectations, and character. Video testimonials, premises tours, or telling a story helps to engage your traffic, keep your website bounce rate low, and humanise your business.

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