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Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Connect with your Audience

Whatever Dentistry you want to do, social media is a key aspect of your dental marketing strategy. A way to connect with your patients and raise your business profile, we can help build trust with your patients and encourage engagement, leading to an increase in new patients and brand awareness.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

What works for you

We can craft for any social media platform – whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or all three. Through strategised, creative, content that’s personalised and branded, supported by careful engagement and audience analysis, we can increase your reach, build your following and drive traffic, enquiries and sales.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Content is Key

Having an online presence is essential for any business. Social media gives your patients a point of contact and can be a useful tool for promotion, branding and awareness, and encourage interaction – all while proving your dental practice is reputable and well-established.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Drive Engagement

Social media accounts are a crucial way of keeping in contact with your patient base, building loyalty, boosting patient satisfaction and leading to an increase in search engine rankings and web traffic. Our dental marketing company can help you connect in real-time and gain valuable feedback and insights for treatments, services and more from your patients.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Build your Brand

Potential patients often look to social to build an impression of your practice ahead of making an enquiry, whether it’s images of your team and practice, or treatment content and patient ethos. Our dental social media and marketing strategies help grow your practice’s brand and treatments through key values and messages, increasing brand visibility, securing patient trust and increasing brand retention.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Harness the Power of Paid Social

Social media advertising increases your reach for your practice targeting patients based on specific demographics. We can help you build brand awareness and encourage engagement with your patients and audience, and can quickly, and seamlessly launch treatment marketing campaigns from Invisalign to implants.


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