The UK’s First Digital Complete Smile Assessment

Whether it’s a smile makeover or a small improvement, dentists rarely transform smiles with a single implant or brace.

The Smile Assessment is designed to give new patients on your website more than just information on treatments but a tailored response to key treatment questions about their smile and what they want. From rating their smile and taking their selfie to selecting the reasons behind the treatment they’re looking for.

The Smile Assessment is designed to start their personal patient journey that books a consultation with you.

Giving patients choice and the right start to treatment

  • Cosmetic
  • Braces
  • Implants
  • Hygiene

Turning browsing into booking

  • Understand your patients

    Patients can rate their smile and explain what it is they don’t like and want to change.

  • Upload a selfie

    Photo feature allows patients to send a selfie of their current smile.

  • Time frame

    Plan and book a consultation when they’re looking to start treatment.

  • Data collection

    Collect detailed new patient data Google Analytics or your web designer can’t tell you.

Created with your patient’s treatment journey in mind

Simple, straight forward with no surprises

The Smile Assessment gives you more new patient enquiries and unique data about visitors to your website. From treatments they’re looking for to reasons for wanting to change their smile. Be the practice private patients choose with the ability to tailor information that’s relevant to them with the ease of booking their consultation with you.

  • Affordable monthly fee
  • Boost new patients with Digital Marketing
  • No contracts or paperwork to sign
  • Maximise your conversion rate

Customise to your practice brand

You can personalise the Smile Assessment so it looks unique to your website and feels part of your brand.

Add your colour scheme

Customise treatment answers

A great tool for new patients

  • “Adding this feature will now not only allow us to give new patients specific treatment information that’s relevant to them but also shows them we are a forward thinking practice.”

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