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Google AdWords (search advertising)

Often referred to as PPC or AdWords, Google’s search advertising is a strategic channel, which targets high search volume. Whether you’re launching your website or looking to run a campaign, our keyword strategy, tactically-written ads and lead tracking, delivers more enquiries at a lower cost per enquiry.

Google Shopping

This powerful digital channel enables you to sell your products online by reaching the people who are looking to buy them. Used with our e-commerce marketing, it delivers high click-through rates with low cost per clicks with keyword research, experienced- based strategies and customer tracking. Ultimately, we can track and tailor the perfect campaign.

Google remarketing

Remarketing is an intelligent way to stay engaged with potential new customers who've previously visited a specific page on your website as they continue to browse other sites. We target them with specific ads or branding based on the service or product they were interested in.

Display advertising

The Google Display Network enables you to promote in a way that’s the same as advertising in a specific magazine. We display your ads to target new customers on websites within specific categories. Our digital software tracks each of your ads to reveal which website, ad size and location delivers you the highest click-through rates and new customers.

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