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Supported living accommodation for vulnerable adults

Falcon Housing Association C.I.C. is a national, not-for-profit, registered provider of social housing to vulnerable adults throughout the United Kingdom and Wales. They work closely with tenants, family members, local authorities and care providers to provide high quality, affordable and sustainable housing to those in need of care and support. They also seek to partner with landlords and purchase properties that are suitable for social housing.

The Brief

Falcon Housing Association needed a website that connotes their high-quality housing and communicates their trusted reputation. They required a website that was simple to navigate that was suitable for the use of prospective tenants, their families, and landlords interested in investing in social housing. It needed to be clean, contemporary, and connote the reputation associated with Falcon’s high-quality housing solutions for vulnerable adults. Information needed to be presented in a clear, concise, and communicative fashion.

The Strategy

The website was stripped back to a simple, bold, and clean design that provided the best readability and functionality. The colours are bold with information in helpful blocks and chunks for optimum readability, and a font resizer was added to each page to aid individuals that may be visually impaired. Branded with Falcon’s colours and populated with appropriate photography, the simple site map allows for the best communication of Falcon’s ethos, services, and information for interested landlords. Each web user be they a family member, prospective tenant themselves, or landlord, has a easily accessible information pertaining directly to them to efficiently encourage referrals and interest.

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