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Is your website future proof?

Your website needs to be designed to be flexible for the future and adapt to technological changes. You don’t want to have to pay out time and time again to have it re-built to suit your ever-developing business needs. At H&P Design all of the websites we create are built with the future in mind.

Because of the nature of many template or older websites, making future amends to the existing site or updating the site to include new social media feeds or current news items can prove difficult, time consuming and costly for clients. It is something that more and more businesses are battling with.

As designers, we know how important it is for a website to be future proof and it’s ability to stand the test of time in a ever growing technological age.

When we create a new website for a client, we will use flexible CMS systems that allow the client to make amends and updates to the website at their leisure. Including a WordPress blog area to post latest news items, will keep the website up to date and improve SEO performance. This is something that clients can easily manage themselves saving time and money.

We can also include news feeds within websites so that when a user visits your website they will see that it is constantly being updated, a positive for every business. The ability to share your website and connect it with social media outlets is also an important part of today’s web user experience. We can include a variety of social outlets on your site including Wibiya media bars so that you can connect with your audience in simple and easy instant steps.

The new James Willis Faces website has been built with these ideas and features in mind allowing the client to amend their website to reflect their developing business in the future.

You can visit the website here, we’d love to know what you think.


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