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Giving patients what they want

After working with Evolve Dentistry in Portishead, Bristol create a better web experience for their patients, we were approached to add a new orthodontic section to their website. Evolve have a website that is patient friendly, focusing on helping users find what they want quickly and easily and this needed to be continued through to the new section.

We decided upon a microsite style route for the orthodontic section, where the pages sit within the main site, but have a slightly different look and feel.

The initial ‘Options’ page is designed to help patients find the right information and see which treatment is best for their individual requirements. This is a similar idea to the home page of the main site, focusing on what the patient wants from the treatment, in this case, what’s most important to them about having braces… Cost, appearance, speed or practicality?

The patient is then shown a shortlist selection of options to suit them, including positives and negatives about the treatment and the option to read more if the suggestion suits them. It’s just the right amount of relevant information to make a quick informed decision.


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