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Retargeting and remarketing are key to reminding those who have already engaged with you about your services. Remarketing involves anonymously tracking your traffic’s internet activity using Cookies to serve tailored ads based on those actions. In compliance with GDPR, this is only done when the user has allowed Cookies permission on your website. Remarketing keeps your brand, business, and services fresh in the mind of the traffic who have visited you, refreshing their memory on something they have previously shown interest in. Using Google Ads, remarketing techniques, social media marketing, and industry tools, we help your business target those who are the most likely to engage and convert in your respective competitive industry.

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Brand awareness is a key goal for retargeting, so it’s important to establish a realistic yet effective budget for your remarketing campaign. We’ll work with you towards increased visibility with the possibility of ample conversions.

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Impressions & Clicks

Impressions and clicks allow us to monitor the percentage of your traffic viewing and interacting with your campaign. Monitoring these closely, we provide ongoing analysis and reports on the long-term progress of your remarketing.

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Click-Through Rate

We monitor the click-through rate from advertisement to landing page closely to ensure maximum exposure and conversion. Using tracking tools, we’ll build an accurate picture of how your campaigns are performing.

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Cost Per Acquisition

With your spend, budget, and click through rate, we calculate your cost per acquisition to determine your return on investment and how cost-effective your remarketing campaign has been throughout its duration.

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Return on Investment

Our campaign monitoring and expert advice helps to achieve you the best return on your investment through the most cost-effective means available by increased brand visibility and relevant traffic engagement.

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Click-Through Conversions

Paying close attention to your click-through rates and landing page visits, we’ll monitor the conversions through phonecall tracking and web enquiries. This data will be provided to you monthly, so we can monitor your campaigns’ performance together.

Why choose us as your remarketing agency?

Remarketing is a softer approach to client acquisition, so it’s important you balance this softness with compelling brand message and visibility. Our digital marketing team understand this fine balance that we use to increase your brand exposure and influence traffic buying behaviour. We aim to maximise your brand exposure and awareness by conducting remarketing research, enacting display retargeting, and conducting invaluable consumer and traffic research into searching and browsing habits. Implemented only with full GDPR and Cookie compliance, our remarketing services help to maximise your return on investment by targeting those who have already shown an interest in your services and products.

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Remarketing Campaign Set-Ups

We offer bespoke remarketing campaigns that are strategised around your business’ needs and budget. We can help you target website visitors, mobile app users, and social media users to engage your targeted traffic on the sources most frequented by them, granted their compliance under GDPR. Using some of the latest industry remarketing tools, we’ll target your traffic based on specific visitors, pages, and tags. We strategise, optimise, and launch your remarketing campaigns to target those who are the most valuable to your website.

Remarketing Management

We manage remarketing campaigns across Google remarketing, Google Ads, social media, and mobile apps. Targeted research will determine what types of visitors you want to continue targeting and what type of remarketing ads align best with those goals. Our team will conduct the budget management, maintenance, and testing to constantly monitor and adapt the performance of your campaigns. We also provide detailed reporting that analyses where your budget is being actioned and a projected ROI.

Google Display Networks

Google Display Networks are a valuable asset in making your brand appear bigger than it already is. By hosting Google Ad displays on your own website for related services that your traffic would engage with, we can bolster your brand image while earning you revenue from their placement. On the other hand, we’ll also help you set-up and choose where to place your ads in affiliated Google Display Networks to better gain click-throughs and conversions from related services and competitors.

Brand Awareness

Successful remarketing means creating increased brand visibility and awareness. Through Google Display Networks, Google and Bing ads, and social media, we target customers similar to your existing base to expand your online reach and awareness. We’re able to engage with clients that have visited your website and shown an interest but not converted, finding them in the softer stages of interest across different platforms. This ensures your brand is fresh in their mind during the vital marketing opportunities presented by casual browsing.

Click-Through Conversions

Remarketing across platforms such as mobile apps and social media does more than just boost your conversion rates. When targeting audiences similar to existing customers and those who have previously shown interest in your services, we can help you expand your brand visibility to include users who haven’t had experience of you before but would likely interact with your services. This kind of constant reminder and refreshment of your services and products keeps your brand visible even in your relevant traffic’s softer stages of attention and interest.

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