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Improve client retention with email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful part of your digital marketing strategy that reaches your clients and consumers in real-time. It allows you to stay in regular communication with your traffic and directly enter their inbox, allowing your brand to reach them personally. After ensuring GDPR compliance, email marketing campaigns help to ensure client retention, high conversion rates, and low cost-per-conversions for your promoted services. We use industry leading tools such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor to create, launch, monitor, and analyse the performance of your email campaigns to maximise your ROI.


Email marketing helps to convert clients that have shown an interest in your services before. Conversion rates are typically high while your cost per conversion remains low, allowing for cost-effective yet successful digital marketing.

Brand Communication

Clients and consumers expect to be kept in contact with when they consent to receiving communications, so email marketing is a very effective platform to send out updates, offers, and service information.

Email Templates

The software we use is simple to navigate, so we can create and manage your campaigns on hour behalf or help you to get started on your own email marketing using pre-selected email templates.

Strategy and Management

We can help you manage multiple mailing lists, multiple email campaigns, and monitor conversions through our industry-leading third-party tools to help you increase your conversion rates in the most cost-effective way possible.

Design and Build

Reflect your brand and business accurately in custom-built email templates, designs, and written content. We tailor the tone and visual appearance of your email campaign to suit the ‘type’ of communication you’re seeking to achieve.

Client Retention

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with customers who have already shown an interest or converted with you. Carefully maintained lists will allow you to target specific types of clients with specific services related to them.

Why choose us as your email marketing agency?

Email marketing is a great way to communicate your content, brand, and latest incentives. A clever email marketing campaign uses written content, calls to action, mailing list targeting and design to drive click-throughs and conversions on your website. At Cosmetic Digital, we provide a full-circle approach to your email marketing campaigns. We create, write, launch, monitor, analyse, and report on your email marketing to maximise your return on investment and conversion rates. Professionally managed campaigns help to drive website visits and brand communication, interacting with clients and consumers in real-time.

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Email marketing campaigns are incredibly cost-effective when they are implemented correctly. Their conversion rates are typically high, while their cost-per-conversions are typically very low, providing a healthy ROI for your business. With many people carrying their email inboxes in their smartphones, the possibilities of real-time click-throughs after launching a campaign are high. You can also send tailored content through managed mailing lists, sending the most relevant services and information to those most likely to convert with them.

Brand Communication

Once your consumers and customers have agreed to share their information with you under GDPR compliance, they expect a certain amount of regular communication from your business. This may consist of updates, recent blog posts, or promotional emails for services and products. Staying in this kind of communication with your customers and delivering tailored information they are likely to interact with will help to heighten your conversion rate while also helping them to trust your brand.

DIY Email Templates

We use industry-leading software such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor because they offer advanced tracking of performance metrics, but they’re also very easy to use. This allows us to give you the option of creating and managing your own email campaigns in-office. We’ll help you get set up and started with email templates and answer any questions so that you may handle your own email marketing, should you choose to. Of course, we also offer comprehensive email marketing in-house and will provide professional guidance and assistance wherever we can.

Strategy and Management

Our digital marketing executives create and design emails that inspire conversions, but we also optimise and strategise your campaigns for the best results for your business. We track and analyse key performance indicators and are able to schedule when your campaign is launched and which specific mailing lists they are being sent to. Using professional tools, we monitor your email open rates, website click-throughs, and conversion rates to report back your ROI and performance of your campaign.

Design and Build

We design and build your email marketing campaign specifically for your brand, using your logos, colours, and tone of voice. We take a different approach to each email campaign depending on your goals for the campaign and the content. A product or service launch is treated differently to a blog post promotion or monthly newsletter update, which is why we build and design separately for each. Our in-house content executives will even write compelling for your email to best represent your brand and information.

Client Retention

Keep in touch with clients who have already invested in your services or shown an interest in what you have to offer using targeted email campaigns. This helps to remind your customers of your presence and encourages brand loyalty, as they feel communicated with and marketed to using this channel. Tailored mailing lists help to send relevant promotions to the relevant consumers, increasing your chances of conversions and repeat visits to your website. Email marketing provides an effective funnel for these kinds of customer interactions, and our team will help you maximise their success for your business.

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