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Increase your exposure and reach new clients

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Reach new patients

Our company are experts in dental marketing and can help your dental practice to connect with patients looking for a dentist or specific dental treatment. Using digital marketing channels from Google and social media to email and video, our team create a tailored, digital marketing strategy to target and reach new and patients within strategic budget to achieve measurable growth.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

The digital marketing low-down

In the digital age, dental marketing is relied on by your patients. It increases your dental practice’s exposure and reach to connect with your patients and build loyalty, working to an agreed budget while still allowing you to be competitive – and not just in your locale. It also allows for tracking and measuring the impact of a specific dental marketing campaign while giving demographic, geographic and behavioural insights into your target patient base to boost your conversion rates and marketing success.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Where experience and software come together

We’ve got a solid knowledge of all things dentistry, thanks to over 15 years in your industry . Through software tools and knowledge of what dental marketing actually works, we put together tailored dental marketing strategies which include Google SEO, targeted paid ads, social media and online content for every size of dental practice to drive growth and profit.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Results within budget

Our insight, your investment, one big impact. Whether a small, private practice or a surgery offering both NHS and private treatments, our dental marketing can make your marketing budget go further to reach more new patients. We can guide you on the right digital platforms and methods that give the best new patient ROI, using both dental marketing experience and expert analysis.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Creating engagement on social media

Our social media team work with dentists to reach new patients and create engagement across all or specific social media channels. Through creative brand content and marketing campaigns, we are able to increase your reach and audience.  

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Communicate directly with your patients

Our team tailor and personalise your content to increase your conversion rates, helping deliver carefully planned dental treatment campaigns, such as Invisalign events, to patients you know are already interested. Our email marketing plans help you keep in touch with your patient base and encourage repeat custom.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Making the most of marketing campaigns

Whether launching a new dental treatment at your practice, promoting an existing treatment, or advertising a seasonal campaign, our sector expertise and advanced software enable us to create tailored campaign strategies that get the most out of your chosen platforms, channels and budget.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham


From improving your website to managing your digital marketing, our range of dental marketing packages have been specifically designed for dentists, combining our software tools, teams expertise and industry experience and knowledge.

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