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Customer Tracking

Our tracking software can tell us, not just the digital marketing channels most effective, but which specific ads deliver real enquiries, whether they were seen yesterday or last month.

Tracking your enquiries

Most analysis software out there is confusing, expensive and doesn’t tell you which digital channel gives you the highest conversion rate. Thats why our in-house tracking software is designed to track every online enquiry and customer call back to the original ad and digital channel the conversion came from including Google Adwords, organic search, Facebook, email and paid directories, even if it was 30 days previously.

Split testing

Wouldn’t it be great to find out which design and message for your marketing and brand your customers convert on most? With Split testing you can do exactly this. Using specific software we can work withalternative website designs and email marketing to understand more about your customers preferred choice. We measure click through rates - CTR and conversion goals of alternative designs until we establish the most effective design for your brand

Telephone tracking

Using temporary local and national telephone numbers we can measureyour call enquiries from specific marketing channels and also record calls so you can better understand how your team answer and handle calls. We can also identify missed enquiries through a busy line or un answered call.

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